Symbolic Melodic Similarity

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The goal of SMS is to retrieve the most similar items from a collection of symbolic pieces, given a symbolic query, and rank them by melodic similarity. There will be only 1 task this year which comprises a set of six "base" monophonic MIDI queries to be matched against a monophonic MIDI collection.

Each system will be given a query and is asked to return the 10 most melodically similar songs from those taken from the Essen Collection (5274 pieces in the MIDI format; see ESAC Data Homepage for more information). For each of the six "base" queries, we have created four classes of error-mutations, thus the query set comprises the following query classes:

  1. No errors (i.e., "base")
  2. One note deleted
  3. One note inserted
  4. One interval enlarged
  5. One interval compressed

Each system will be asked to return the top ten items for each of the 30 total queries. That is to say, 6(base queries) X 5(versions) = 30 query/candidate lists to be returned.

Participation in previous years

Year Participating Algorithms URL
Task1 Task2
2007 8
2006 8 5
2005 7