Real-time Audio to Score Alignment (a.k.a Score Following)

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Score Following is the real-time alignment of an incoming music signal to the music score. The music signal can be symbolic (MIDI) or audio, but we will concentrate here on audio following, unless there are some candidates who'd want their symbolic followers to be evaluated and can propose reference data.

This page describes a proposal for evaluation of score following systems. Discussion of the evaluation procedures on the Score Following contest planning list will be documented on the Score Following page. A full digest of the discussions is available to subscribers from the Score Following contest planning list archives.

Submissions will be required to estimate alignment precision according to the indexed times. In order for your system to participate, please specify the type of alignment (monophonic, polyphonic), type of training and realtime performance, also separated into two domains (upon enough submissions) for symbolic and audio systems. Note that we also do accept systems that don't run in real-time in practice, as soon as their algorithm is on-line, i.e. without making use of global knowledge of the input.

Participation in previous years

Year Participating Algorithms URL
2008 4
2006 2