2007:Discussion on Mood Categories

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As almost all existing work on music mood/emotion classification/detection used different mood categories, here we would like to elicit the most interesting and unambiguous mood categories that music can express. The way we propose to do so is to suggest typical movie scenes where certain types of background music are needed. Therefore --

We invite folks to suggest exemplary pieces of music which are good matches to the following movie scenes:

A) Triumph / Celebration:
Exemplary pieces:
1) The Ode to Joy. Beethoven, No. 9 Symphony

B) War / Fighting scenes:
Exemplary pieces:

C) Tragedy (Funerals/ Death of heroes):
Exemplary pieces:

D) Scary scenes / Suspense:
Exemplary pieces:
1) From the movie "Psycho", the music playing during the famous "shower scene". Uses high pitched, percussive strings. Score by Bernard Hermann. This would be suitable more for "scary", less for "suspense".

If you can think of other typical movie scenes that need a typical kind of background music, please add them into the above categories, and remember to give your exemplary pieces.

Hopefully through the discussion, we can get a set of mood categories that most of us are interested in and agree on. And the exemplary pieces you list here will be used to define those categories and to train our human assessors in verifying mood labels of songs in the contest's dataset.

Link to task proposal: 2007:Audio_Music_Mood_Classification