2006:Audio Music Similarity proposal

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Similarity estimation of Polyphonic Musical Audio


Evaluation of the content-based estimation of the similarity of two audio music examples. Discussion of the evaluation procedures on the MIREX 06 "AudioSim06" contest planning list has been documented on the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval page. A full digest of the discussions is available to subscribers from the MIREX 06 "AudioSim06" contest planning list archives.

Submissions will be required to estimate the similarity of each example, in a small music corpora, to each other example and will be evaluated according to a number of metrics, including metrics derived from the metadata available for the corpora (including the genre, artist and album labels) and runtime performance.


Evaluation procedures

Evaluation metrics

Evaluator pseudo-code

Statistical Significance testing


Input data


File formats

Output data


File formats

Suggested calling formats for submitted algorithms

Maximum submission runtime

Test collections

  • Magnatune? (MIREX'04 and MIREX'05)
  • Epitonic?
  • USPOP 2002? (MIREX'05)

Potential Participants

  • Elias Pampalk