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This page is devoted to discussions of the evaluation of Score Following algorithms at MIREX 2006. Discussions have already begun on the https://mail.lis.uiuc.edu/mailman/listinfo/mrx-com01 MIREX 06 "ScoreFollowing06" contest planning list] and will be briefly digested here. A full digest of the discussions is available to subscribers from the https://mail.lis.uiuc.edu/mailman/listinfo/mrx-com01 MIREX 06 "ScoreFollowing06" contest planning archive].

As consensus is achieved on the planning list, a full proposal (Score Following Proposal) will be produced for the format of the evaluation, including pseudocode for the evaluation metric and suggested formats for submitted algorithms. A skeleton of proposal is already available on the Score Following Proposal page.


  • Arshia Cont (University of California in San Diego (UCSD) and Ircam - Realtime Applications Team, France) - cont@ircam.fr


Score Following is the real-time alignment of incoming music signal to the music score. The music signal can be symbolic (Midi Score Following) or Audio.

This page serves as a summary of the discussions held on the ScoreFollower06 mailing list and will eventually hold a final evaluation proposal for MIREX 2006.

Important threads on the discussion list


  • Christopher Raphael
  • Arshia Cont
  • Diemo Schwarz
  • George Litterst
  • Kris West
  • Arie Van Schuetterhoef
  • Michael Good
  • Stephen Downie

Context related issues in Score Following evaluation


Arshia Cont
Christopher Raphael
Diemo Schwarz
Arie Van Schutterhoef
Fabio Vignoli
Task related similarity

Objective statistics based upon album, artist and genre labels proposal

Subjective evaluation

Alternatives to rating on a scale

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