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Results are on 2006:Audio Cover Song Identification Results page.


The Cover Song task is a new task for MIREX 2006. It is closely related to the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval task. The setup and running of the algorithms will be the same as that of the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval so please refer to the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval for more details.

Task Description

Within the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval database, there are embedded 30 different "cover songs" each represented by 11 different "versions" for a total of 330 audio files (16bit, monophonic, 22.05khz, wav). The "cover songs" represent a variety of genres (e.g., classical, jazz, gospel, rock, folk-rock, etc.) and the variations span a variety of styles and orchestrations.

Using each of these cover song files in turn as as the "seed/query" file, we will examine the top 10 returned items for the presence of the other 10 versions of the "seed/query" file. Evaluation will be premised on classic precision and recall.

Participants in the 2006:Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval task really need not do anything extra as the matrices returned will contain all the necessary information for us to automatically conduct the evaluations. We do encourage, however, the participation of those systems that might be especially designed to detect "cover song" variants.


We at IMIRSEL expect that the overall scores for the Cover Song task will be quite low. This the first run at doing a Cover Song task and the baseline data collected from this year's experience will be used to create better Cover Song tasks for future MIREX iterations.