2006:Audio Beat Tracking Results

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These are the results for the 2006 running of the Audio Beat Tracking task set. For background information about this task set please refer to the 2006:Audio Beat Tracking page.

NOTE: Due to an evaluation error, the results of the Audio Beat Tracking task have been updated as of 17 July 2007, and differ from those presented at ISMIR 2006.

The aim of the automatic beat tracking task is to track each beat location in a collection of 140 sound files. Unlike the Audio Tempo Extraction task, which aims to detect tempi for each file, the beat tracking task aims at detecting all beat locations in the recordings. The algorithms were evaluated in terms of their accuracy in predicting beat locations annotated by a group of roughly 40 listeners per sound file. Because listeners may tap at different rates (e.g. at twice the rate of another annotator, or other multiples for non-binary meters), it is difficult to assess what a 'perfect' score may be.

General Legend

Team ID

dixon = Simon Dixon
ellis = Daniel P. W. Ellis
klapuri = Anssi Klapuri
davies = M. E. P. Davies and M. D. Plumbley
brossier = Paul Brossier

Overall Summary Results

MIREX 2006 Audio Beat Tracking Summary Results

Contestant P-Score (average)
dixon 0.575
davies 0.571
klapuri 0.564
ellis 0.552
brossier 0.453

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MIREX 2006 Audio Beat Tracking Runtime Data

Contestant Machine Run-time(seconds)
brossier LINUX 139
davies FAST 1394
dixon FAST 639
ellis LINUX 498
klapuri LINUX 1218

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Summary, plots, and comments on the results