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M2K (Music-to-Knowledge) Modules and Itineraries Release Page

Access to D2K and T2K (necessary to work with the M2K module set)

M2K is based upon the combination of D2K and T2K. You only need to download the latest version of D2K (4.1.1) as it now comes bundled with the T2K modules in one package. The D2K/T2K module sets are written in JAVA (as are M2K modules). Specific system requirement and installation information is available at the D2K download site.

Download D2K from the ALG distribution site: D2K download

Note: If you have downloaded previous versions of D2K/T2K, we suggest that you uninstall them prior to installing the D2K/T2K 4.1.1 bundle. We have found that a CLEAN install of the D2K/T2K 4.1.1 bundle proceeds almost flawlessly.

M2K Modules and Itineraries

** M2K Alpha 1.1.4 (MIREX Edition) Release **

Find the listing of M2K Alpha 1.1.4 Release components at: Alpha Release of M2K Modules/Itineraries (1 July 2005)

View M2K 1.1.4 Installation Instructions: M2K Installation Readme

Download M2K Alpha 1.1.4 Release Package: M2K Download

Check the Buglist: Coming soon!



For Users

D2K Toolkit User Manual: Online HTML version on the ALG website

D2K Toolkit User Manual: PDF 3.7 MB version on the ALG website

D2K Module Hierarchy: Module Component Information

Classification: Naive Bayesian Tutorial provided by ALG: PDF 1.1 MB

M2K Signal class overview: A short tutorial on the M2K Signal class by Kris West.

M2K Module Hierarchy: Module Component Information.

Itinerary Walkthrough: A Walkthrough of Running the DEMO-FeatureExtractionToC45DT Itinerary & Changing Music File Paths.

MIREX Frameworks Instructions: Explication of how M2K will be used for MIREX.

MIREX Framework Itinerary Walkthrough: A step-by-step walkthrough of integrating a submission to MIREX 2005 into one of the evaluation frameworks.

MIREX Framework Itinerary Walkthrough (MATLAB): A step-by-step walkthrough of integrating a MATLAB submission to MIREX 2005 into one of the evaluation frameworks.

For Developers

Principles of Module Development on the ALG website
(Applicable to M2K as well)

M2K Module Quality Assurance (QA) Plan: Prepared by Paul Lamere


D2K 4.1 API & D2K 4.1 Modules API Documentation on the ALG website. Login required.

M2K Javadocs


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